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The project with VSoft has the general objective of investigating new technologies of identification and verification by multibiometry. The use of multi-factor authentication associated with multibiometry and active security is defined, defined as a biometric method of information security that has a constant or frequent authentication process during the entire transactional session. BioPass, developed jointly by the research group led by the proponent and the company Vsoft Tecnologia, since 2008, has received successive funding from development agencies, through the MCT / SETEC / CNPq No. 67/2008-RHAE Researcher at the Company, MCT / CNPQ Nº 14/2010 – UNIVERSAL, MCTI / SETEC / CNPq Nº 017/2012 – RHAE Researcher at the company and 004/2013 - FAPESQ / FINEP-TECNOVA. Currently, the UFPB and Vsoft teams are focused on incorporating facial recognition, and research and development of state-of-the-art techniques, based on deep learning, with an emphasis on deep convolutional artificial neural networks. The project will be conducted by a professor at UFPB, 6 undergraduate students at the UFPB Informatics Center, a student at Faculdade Unipê, two master students from the UFPB Graduate Program in Informatics and two doctoral students from the Graduate Program -Graduation in Computer Science at UFCG, all guided by the professor at UFPB, as well as 2 professionals from VSoft who will work at the company's headquarters and will be responsible for the support related to specific technologies.